Some of Jack Sabon's most profound work is found in his abstracts. Inspired by organic forms, he pushes his abilities in painting to run a wide range of styles within the genre.

"Fin", in its colors and its styling, once again reaches back to his Alaskan roots, as it is based on the native designs for the dorsal fin of an orca. But the orca is only a rumor - the fin is totally the subject of this and others in the "Fin" series.

"Root Thoughts I and II" provide some of the most visual depth of any of his abstract work. The viewer can lose themself in the winding, doubling, deepening paths of the root-like subject matter. Just when you think it's a rather dull color palette, a spark of turquoise appears to the roaming eye. One's thoughts are, indeed, led into the roots in a meandering way.

"Home Ground" provides a rich ground for study with subtleties of color and patterning . The viewer finds more as he gazes, and it is one of those rare paintings that provides a fresh perspective on every viewing. There is often far more to see in subdued patterning than a subject clearly delineated.

"Canyons" is a brilliant explosion of color, reminding one of the sun on rocks, but providing cool and mysterious crannies away from the brightness.

Despite the wide variety in the styles of Jack Sabon's paintings, all are based on the understanding of the world around us as we view it differently from divergent angles, at different times and in varying moods. His subject matter often leads him to the style he uses that best lends itself to the topic at hand.