Jack Sabon produces hand crafted fine art drums to use or display.

The frame of each drum is 12-sided red cedar. Either deer skin or elk hide is used for the head and lacing. The lacing is cut from the same piece of leather as the drum cover. Jack has some ready-made hand painted drums but will accept commissions.

15" drums are around $180 unpainted and $350 painted.

17" drums are around $300 plain and $500 painted.

All drums come with a hand made beater and care instructions

Humming Bird 15" $350.00

Sacred Blue Deer 15" $350.00

Shaman 17" $550.00

Tipi 17" $550.00

Blue Jay 17" $500.00

Bear with Stars 17" $550.00

Celestial Bear 17" $500.00

Grand Mother Humming Bird 17" $500.00

Gyro Falcon 17" $500.00

Sacred Bear 17" $500.00